Volunteer Services

Choose to make a difference. Choose to be a Providence Volunteer.

Regular volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Volunteer Program. High school students, age 15-18, may qualify for Junior Volunteer opportunities, scheduled during the summer. For more information about volunteer opportunities at Providence, please contact Carol Williams at 254-751-4000, x4104.

College students who are currently enrolled and have declared a pre-med major may qualify for our Pre-med Student Volunteer ProgramBefore you come to orientation, please read the following important pre-med information. Click here for detailsFor questions or for more information, you may contact the pre-med student volunteer coordinator Ed Uber at ubered42@gmail.com.

Providence Volunteer Services Making a Difference...

At "Waco's Heart Hospital," volunteers are a vital component in the quest to deliver exceptional healthcare with compassion and excellence! Through serving, they support the overriding goal of Providence Healthcare Network which is to be the place where physicians want to practice, where employees and volunteers want to work, and where patients want to come for healing. JOIN US. . . and you can help us achieve that goal!

With nearly 40 different service areas across the Network, Providence volunteer opportunities offer something to fit almost any schedule-and something to challenge every volunteer!

After completing our orientation program, new volunteers meet with a volunteer membership chair to select a service area. Morning and afternoon time shifts are available and volunteers may serve in positions with or without patient contact. There are also a number of special projects for volunteers who may enjoy helping with events such as our lobby sales or arranging fresh flowers for our gift shop!

The minimum activity standard for volunteering is one four-hour shift per week. However, we do have volunteer opportunities for individuals who are employed, in school, or whose schedules will not accommodate regular weekly commitments.

In order to volunteer in a healthcare facility, all volunteers receive a TB skin test before beginning work, and annually thereafter. The hospital provides this test at no charge.

Volunteers sign a release for a confidential criminal background check. This is a standard requirement of The Joint Commission.

How Do I Join?

Becoming a Providence Volunteer is a step-by-step process designed to ensure that all volunteers are oriented to hospital and Volunteer Services policies. And, our goal is to assist you in finding fulfillment through volunteering!

  • Step One: Initial interview with the Department of Volunteer Services.
  • Step Two: Completion and acceptance of your signed agreement as contained in the membership application, and payment of dues.
  • Step Three: Attend scheduled orientation; complete TB test and background check.
  • Step Four: Follow-up interview with Volunteer Services membership chairperson to secure your uniform, ID badge, discuss service area options, and arrange your initial placement. Each service area has a distinct training and start-up procedure, which will be conducted by that area's chairperson.

Membership Classifications and Benefits:

When joining, each volunteer selects a uniform jacket, vest or polo shirt. A $40 charge covers the uniform of choice (including tax), and a photo ID badge. Membership classifications are:

  • A. Regular Active Voting Member - Regular dues paying members who serve in the Providence Healthcare Network. Dues: $10.00 per year, payable with accepted application, and annually thereafter each July.
  • B. Life Active Voting Member - Same as Regular Active but exempt from further dues payment. Dues: $100.00 payable one time, with all further dues waived.
  • C. Inactive Regular or Life Member - Afforded to active members who ask to be placed on inactive status. Dues: $20.00 per year (life members remain exempt)

While on duty, volunteers enjoy free coffee and tea, plus a 15% discount in the cafeteria. We host four volunteer luncheons throughout the year plus a wonderful Christmas brunch. Volunteers also enjoy the Providence Picnic in spring, St. Vincent's Feast Day in the fall, and the network-wide Christmas meal in December. Volunteers receive free flu shots each year; these are in addition to the annual TB tests which are also free. For a reduced rated of $15 per month, volunteers many have access to exercise equipment and classes through our Cardiac Rehab Department.

It All Begins With You!

Because there are many who need your helping hand and willing heart, becoming a volunteer requires compassion and commitment. Volunteering blesses the giver as well as the receiver, and Providence volunteers are loved and appreciated in so many ways!

We realize you have choices about where to spend your time, and we sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a Providence Volunteer. If we can provide additional information to help in your decision, please call the Volunteer Services department at 254-751-4104. Join us-and let's make a difference together!

Print, complete, and mail or deliver your application to Providence Volunteer Services, 6901 Medical Parkway, Waco, TX 76712; or FAX to 254-751-4494.