Centering Pregnancy

Centering pregnancy is an innovative model of prenatal care. It moves care from the exam room into the group space to bring together the components of health assessment, education and support. 8-12 women at similar points in their pregnancies meet for 2 hour sessions over 8-10 visits. At these visits, you will learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery while meeting other expectant mothers. Centering pregnancy is currently available at more than 50 sites in the United States. Waco Center for Women’s Health is pleased to be the first clinic in Waco to offer this type of prenatal care which has been made possible through a grant from the Healthy Babies Coalition of Waco and the March of Dimes.

What is a centering pregnancy group like?

When will I be seen and who do I meet with?

Where do we meet and who can I bring?

What about privacy?

What does research show about centering and what does it cost?

Where do I sign up and where can I find more info?


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