Physical Therapy

aquatic-therapySpecialized Physical Therapy Services include:

  • Aquatic therapy in an indoor, heated pool
  • Manual therapies provided by therapists with advanced certifications
  • Sports Medicine with Isokinetic testing via the Biodex S4 Pro System
  • Lymphedema Management Program
  • Pelvic Floor Program - includes computerized biofeedback and neuromuscular electrical stimulation training. Provided in a secluded, private treatment area.
  • Biodex Overhead FreeStep for partial weight-bearing gait and balance training
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation with fall assessment and treatment program
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Post-Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Work Injury Specialist
  • Neck and Lower Back Spinal Specialist
  • Myofascial Release Techniques
  • TMJ Disorders

Real Patient Review

"At this time, I want to thank all the therapists that worked on me. They were all very helpful and understanding. I learned a lot of stretches that will help me in the future. Thanks so much to all of you."
- Anonymous

"Carmen was the best therapist I have ever had. I’ve been in PT twice before. She’s very clear on instructions and what we want to achieve. You’re lucky to have her!"
- Anonymous