Recent Projects & Grants

Each year in the Spring and Fall, Providence Foundation awards grants to various departments within Providence Healthcare Network. SInce 1993, Providence Foundation has awarded over $20 million in grants to the Providence Healthcare Network departments, in order to ensure that patients are receiving high-quality healthcare with state-of-the-art medical equipment which aims to promote quicker recovery time, less hospitalization time, and overall patient and associate safety.

2017 Spring Grant Ceremony

QS-1 Pharmancy System IVR Software Upgrade
Awarded to Plaza Pharmacy
Importance: This system upgrade allows patients the option to automatically fill prescriptions when necessary and alerts the patient by the method of their choice (e-mail, phone or text) when a prescription needs to be refilled. This system is more user-friendly resulting in increased patient satisfaction with a goal to decrease hospital readmissions due to the patients being informed and reminded about their maintenance medications. 

Patient Exercise Equipment
Awarded to DePaul Center
Importance: Exercise is a natural, effective way to improve mental health, and this equipment is safer and more versatile than the previous equipment. Safer and more variety in equipment will result in increased level of physical activity, improving patient’s mental health, well-being and mobility. Equipment includes: all in one weight machine, rower, 2 Arc Trainers, dumbbell rack with weights, Power Tower, treadmill & recumbent bike. 

 Sonosite Point of Care Ultrasound
Awarded to Pain Management Associates
Importance: This machines offers multiple techniques to assist with pain management outside of medications. This also increases the types of procedures that we are able to perform for specific joints and conditions meaning more patients/conditions can be treated.

ECG Monitoring System
Awarded to Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab
Importance: This monitoring station electronically connects to all current patient data collection throughout the hospital resulting in improved quality of care and treatment through direct management of the patient.  


Fall 2016 Grant Awards

Sorin S5 Heart-Lung Perfusion System
Awarded to Surgical Services
e: Providence performs over 175 open heart surgeries per year, and our goal is to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care with the most advanced and safest equipment. This machine is a modular system and allows a greater assortment of cases to be performed. Upgrades can be implemented at any time allowing the equipment to advance as technology changes, and it also has advanced safety features.

6 Patient Lifts
Awarded to Providence Park
Importance: These lifts help transfer patients that need assistance moving from their bed to a chair. This provides higher levels of safety to both patients and associates.


"The Providence Mission is more than just a mission statement or core values on the wall; for the Daughters, their whole lives revolve around the mission and core values, and that is how they live their life-they're here to serve the folks of the community and care for those who are in need of help. They have touched a lot of lives here in Waco, not just the people we serve, but also the employees here at Providence" -Jay Scherler


Providence Foundation provided the funds to purchase this GE OmniBed Isolette which is used in the Bill & Patricia Watson Women & Newborns Center for neonatal thermoregulation. It is used to promote a safe, warm environment for premature newborns so they can continue growing and developing. We're thankful that we could provide the funds to purchase this state-of-the-art isolette that will directly impact the healing process and development of premature infants.